Cannabis Regulatory Advisory Committee

The recently enacted Cannabis Regulation Act (CRA) provides that CCD must establish the Cannabis Regulatory Advisory Committee no later than September 1, 2021. The Advisory Committee is charged with advising CCD on the development of rules covering best practices, the promotion of economic and cultural diversity in licensing and employment opportunities, and protection of public health and safety, among other subjects.

The CRA also provides specific parameters for the Advisory Committee membership. Designated members include the Chief Public Defender and one representative each from the New Mexico Administrative Office of the District Attorneys, the New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association, and the New Mexico Association of Chiefs of Police.

The CRA provides that the RLD Superintendent is to appoint one member from each of the following groups or professional qualifications: 

  • A cannabis policy advocacy organization;
  • A labor organization;
  • A qualified patient;
  • A state or local agency with relevant expertise;
  • An Indian nation, tribe, or pueblo with relevant expertise;
  • Expertise in public health;
  • Expertise in regulating commercial activity for adult-use intoxicating substance;
  • Expertise and experience in cannabis laboratory science;
  • Expertise in environmental science;
  • Expertise in small business development;
  • Expertise in water resources;
  • Expertise in other relevant areas; and
  • Previous experience as a cannabis retailer, cannabis producer or cannabis manufacturer (non-voting member).

Deadline to apply ended May 3, 2021, announcement of the Cannabis Regulatory Advisory Committee  coming soon.